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Wavemaker Stoke

As a member of Potteries Hackspace (PHS) I decided to get involved with the newly-developing Wavemaker thing in Stoke-on-Trent… PHS is part of a consortium being led by bITjam to create a new makerspace in the City centre with a focus on providing young people with access to technologies for creating the future.

Bizarre Bazaar by David Mooney

In September 2013 I recorded a reading of ‘sentence 59’ for the Bizarre Bazaar project by David Mooney. The following description of the project is from the Opaque Melodies website, and below that is the finished piece on SoundCloud:

KULES ex-factory

There’s a thing being called Art City going on in Stoke-on-Trent (a five-year programme that launched in September 2014). The KULES Art Residency is part of that, and their ex-factory exhibition runs November 8th-29th, 2014: more info from the supporting AirSpace Gallery. I provided art-technology and programming support for Leslie Deere’s Laserdome installation found on…

Potteries HackSpace

Photographic evidence of my being at the Potteries HackSpace: I’m working on (fixing and) making some alterations to my Vibrati Punk Console using reclaimed switches and stuff… I had planned to use a reclaimed LED, but found that new ones are so much brighter for the same energy usage!