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Wavemaker Stoke

As a member of Potteries Hackspace (PHS) I decided to get involved with the newly-developing Wavemaker thing in Stoke-on-Trent… PHS is part of a consortium being led by bITjam to create a new makerspace in the City centre with a focus on providing young people with access to technologies for creating the future.

KULES ex-factory

There’s a thing being called Art City going on in Stoke-on-Trent (a five-year programme that launched in September 2014). The KULES Art Residency is part of that, and their ex-factory exhibition runs November 8th-29th, 2014: more info from the supporting AirSpace Gallery. I provided art-technology and programming support for Leslie Deere’s Laserdome installation found on…

Potteries HackSpace

Photographic evidence of my being at the Potteries HackSpace: I’m working on (fixing and) making some alterations to my Vibrati Punk Console using reclaimed switches and stuff… I had planned to use a reclaimed LED, but found that new ones are so much brighter for the same energy usage!