Here is something as is.

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Three areas that are of interest to me:

  • Technology and scientific research
  • Arts and community
  • Education and learning

Some notes from the end of the day 2016-05-17…

Technology and scientific research

Mars. Robots. Rovers on Mars gathering and analysing samples, transmitting data.

Mobile lab equipment. Instruments for measuring properties of matter as and where when collected. For exploring the surface of another planet, removing need to take samples home for looking at is necessary. On Earth, such an approach would have advantages too.

I’m inspired this evening by:

“A system developed originally to explore Mars has been transformed into an agricultural monitoring device
for testing the quality of soil.”

Education and learning

By the MIT Scratch Team:

“We work hard to make sure our designs align with the ways kids think and learn, aiming to make Scratch […] for kids to learn to code and to express themselves creatively with new technologies.”

“[…] we’re announcing today a new collaboration with Google, […] to develop a new generation of graphical programming blocks, called Scratch Blocks, […] will be made available as open source, so that developers can easily integrate the blocks into apps, games, and toys”

“[…] Scratch and Google share a common vision of coding, seeing it as more than just a set of technical skills but rather a valuable tool for everyone, empowering kids (and adults) to imagine, invent, and explore.”

Arts and community

Artists and makers – crafters of code for computers , music for moving , soups for sharing , socks of knots , tea and coffee and plant and rotary pots , human people working with and for human people.

By now the evening has to night and to tomorrow turned, and sleepy tired me is less of words well grammatical put.

But final thoughts of three categories from to write am trying.

In Stoke-on-Trent , community focused aims of Potteries Hackspace . . . Hanley. . . Meanwhile in Stoke town, Spode Works, Pilgrims Pit. . .

. . . and to mention development of opportunities spanning all three areas:
tech / education/ community – potential links with university outreach