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The Snail

I’m looking forward to seeing more of IRCAM’s Snail app, as seen in this Instagram post: Ircam lab the snail absolute tuning software crazy! Track by evil needle – for you A video posted by Richard Devine (@richarddevine) on Sep 10, 2016 at 11:14am PDT In 2013, I wrote: This chapter has shown that the…

Video time

I had thought to make A video of these three All playing at once and maybe I will, but not now. For now I will instead go back a few steps from that thought and write a few words about these three video documents.

the tool has become the message

Recently uploaded: Kim Cascone – Huddersfield Lecture 2011 from Rob Lycett on Vimeo. Part-recording of a lecture by Kim Cascone University of Huddersfield 19th May 2011 An earlier section of this talk is quoted in my PhD thesis (§3.7.5).