KULES ex-factory

There’s a thing being called Art City going on in Stoke-on-Trent (a five-year programme that launched in September 2014). The KULES Art Residency is part of that, and their ex-factory exhibition runs November 8th-29th, 2014: more info from the supporting AirSpace Gallery.

I provided art-technology and programming support for Leslie Deere’s Laserdome installation found on the ground floor of the disused Olympus Engineering building – a space that has a tremendous amount of reverberation that exaggerates the mid-low frequency range.

To help actualise what the artist wanted for the work, my input focused on the design of a system connecting software (REAPER, MaxMSP and Arduino) to hardware for 8-channel sound diffusion with lights being switched off and on in synch to the sound at specified times. With help from the Potteries HackSpace, I built a relay based control box for switching the 240v power going to the 8 lights used in the installation.

Laserdome installation clips / rough edit from Leslie Deere on Vimeo.

A few short clips of a new installation. Show opened November 8th.

Laserdome = 8 Channel Installation, Sound, Found Cassette Tape, Found Fluorescents, Acetate, Paint, Stickers, Clear Rubber Offcuts, Cellophane, Glitter.