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More Robots on Earth

The Rise of Small Farm Robots over on seems to fit as a follow on from a recent ramble that included references to robotics in agriculture research.

Cardboard Volcano release

Benjamin Gosney and I have published some audio as a ‘digital album’ on the bandcamp website: We also made a webpage and put it on the worldwide web at

HELOpg lptp

Seeing announcement of an album by Benoît and the Mandelbrots reminded me of the 2012 HELOpg album lptp that is available online at


Mark Power stopped me on the way home from work to ask if he could take a photo… Sam, Stoke town, Stoke-on-Trent, yesterday: @grainphotohub @appetitestoke #CityofSixTowns — Mark Power (@marktpower) October 11, 2014

Live Coding Network

I was at the Live Coding Network Doctoral Consortium on Thursday last week. This document has notes I made afterwards. Here’s a photo of me and sdfsys, as tweeted by @pauwly: Samuel Freeman demos his doctoral sonic livecoding software – fascinating! #livecoding — Pauwly (@pauwly) September 25, 2014

Return of the Pact

September is here – it’s the traditional month for CreativePact – and in the two weeks or so since I last posted there have been about 250 videos uploaded to vimeo that are returned by a search for ‘improvised’, sorted by date. On the CreativePact side of things, it’s clear that I’m just not focussed…

This is Not a Remix

After noticing that Kirby Ferguson has released the first part of his long-in-the-making new documentary series This is Not a Conspiracy Theory, I noticed that the series (which included some work-in-progress updates that were published over the last six months) is available through the on demand area of vimeo. The price is $12 for the…

Off-grid AV at NGG

This time last week I was getting ready to go to Derbyshire for the Northern Green Gathering (NGG). Whilst there I helped to install, wire, and operate a solar-powered cinema (photovoltaic panels → charge controller → 24v DC → inverter → 240v AC → laptop, projector, stereo amp…).

Getting there

With such a backlog of things that one could blog about, one may feel overwhelmed to the point of paralysis, and thus end up not posting anything.  Having updated aspects of my internet self in the past 24 hours, I thought it time to post something, so that’s what this is. Because it’s blog post…

Hello world!

Welcome to yet another WordPress site. This one is for me (sdf/Sam/Samuel Freeman) to represent various involvements that I have and have had.  From my academic work and publications, to commissioned collaborations and recreational musicking.