Return of the Pact

September is here – it’s the traditional month for CreativePact – and in the two weeks or so since I last posted there have been about 250 videos uploaded to vimeo that are returned by a search for ‘improvised’, sorted by date.

On the CreativePact side of things, it’s clear that I’m just not focussed enough to keep up a daily routine; I did it in 2010 – see – and maybe next year I’ll choose a more proper project with less ambiguity and more creative incentive. This year’s CreativePact project by Adam Jansch has been a joy to drop in on as a reader/listener from time to time; this one in particular:

Adam has also been the driving force behind the continuation of CreativePact for the past four years.

a muffin

a google image search for “return of the pact” returns many pictures, including this one of a muffin.

I recently posted on this blog (but not as part of CreativePact) link to a video excerpt from a lecture by Kim Cascone, and that took me to thinking about what is the message of the medium of vimeo? . . . as with so many things, one is able to connect with, and through it in multiple ways . . .

But what of those 250 search results? I skipped ahead and found the last video I recognised at the top of page 26; there are ten video links per page, which is where the number 250 came from… I am today scanning through each page, and watching some of the videos… it is still a mystery to me just what criteria for selection are being acted upon, but the process is both intellectually stimulating and (in its own way) rewarding: I am becoming more conscious of the analytical frameworks by which I attempt to objectify the subjectivity of experience . . . but there are far more interesting things to talk about to…

dot dot dot the trouble now is that I am, perhaps, over stimulated: so many parallel ideas germinating; a blathering stream of consciousness being written – post ends.

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