This is Not a Remix

After noticing that Kirby Ferguson has released the first part of his long-in-the-making new documentary series This is Not a Conspiracy Theory, I noticed that the series (which included some work-in-progress updates that were published over the last six months) is available through the on demand area of vimeo. The price is $12 for the whole series.

Ferguson is known to me because of the Everything is a Remix series which began in September 2010. The quality of that work is very high, from multiple points of view; not only are the videos well produced, there is also a wealth of supporting documentation with sources being cited for the information used. In February this year I compiled a list of links to that information:

Everything is a Remix is licensed with a creative commons license, but it is not at all clear what license is used for the current This is not a Conspiracy Theory series.

I do not object to paying to view work, but I am uncomfortable with the apparent lack of detailed information about what it is that I would be paying for… In particular, would I be permitted by the licensing of this series to screen the videos to a group of people in an educational context? – I have no idea if I’d want to do that or not, because I have not yet seen the new videos…

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Visually Representing CeReNeM

Several people, including Monty Adkins, who was the co-supervisor of my PhD, shared a link to an article on which describes many of the inspiring goings on at CeReNeM – the Centre for Research in New Music at the University of Huddersfield.


The thing that first caught my eye about this was the way that it is one of my Max patches that has been used as the featured image for the article.

The image will have been taken from the HISS website where it is one a few of my images originally created as part of the WofS events in 2010.

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Getting there

With such a backlog of things that one could blog about, one may feel overwhelmed to the point of paralysis, and thus end up not posting anything.  Having updated aspects of my internet self in the past 24 hours, I thought it time to post something, so that’s what this is.

Because it’s blog post about posting blog posts I’m creating the ‘meta’ category for it, but I’ll also file it under ‘null’ which is the only other category in place so far.†

I’m close to completing the ‘minor corrections/amendments’ to my PhD.  Alongside the process of correcting typos, adding a few citations, and so on, I have also been porting most of my PhD work to a static HTML site: – I’m getting there now with all that, and looking forward to actually finishing it.  The degree was award six weeks ago, which is when all the congratulations come, but I don’t expect to feel that it’s over until I’ve got the hat on.

I hope the University’s Chancellor will be there to preside at my graduation (whenever that may be)…

† (having written more, I suppose there are more categories that can be created at this point too)

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