This is Not a Remix

After noticing that Kirby Ferguson has released the first part of his long-in-the-making new documentary series This is Not a Conspiracy Theory, I noticed that the series (which included some work-in-progress updates that were published over the last six months) is available through the on demand area of vimeo. The price is $12 for the whole series.

Ferguson is known to me because of the Everything is a Remix series which began in September 2010. The quality of that work is very high, from multiple points of view; not only are the videos well produced, there is also a wealth of supporting documentation with sources being cited for the information used. In February this year I compiled a list of links to that information:

Everything is a Remix is licensed with a creative commons license, but it is not at all clear what license is used for the current This is not a Conspiracy Theory series.

I do not object to paying to view work, but I am uncomfortable with the apparent lack of detailed information about what it is that I would be paying for… In particular, would I be permitted by the licensing of this series to screen the videos to a group of people in an educational context? – I have no idea if I’d want to do that or not, because I have not yet seen the new videos…