Video time

I had thought to make
A video of these three
All playing at once


and maybe I will, but not now. For now I will instead go back a few steps from that thought and write a few words about these three video documents.

(I’m choosing not to embed the linked videos because I had imagined them each playing on different screens with from different sets of speakers)

Animation vs Minecraft is so very well made that I felt compelled to share it. It is excellent in many ways. I do not ‘get’ all of the references it makes, I am only vaguely familiar with its author’s prior work, and I suspect that this piece would still stand up as superb without knowledge of all the Minecraft elements in the narrative. Feel free to ask me about this because there’s so much good stuff in there to talk about…

After that, I decided to indulge in more video time, and was happy to take a punt on an algorithmically recommended video from a maker I do recall seeing things from before. I’m not sure what it say about me that I choose this sort of thing as entertaining: Olber’s Paradox – A Level Physics. I didn’t even do A Levels, but this evening I did enjoy this offering from a series of revision videos. Spoilers: the paradox is to do with how the sky appears dark at night when, from a given cosmological point of view taken with some logic and bit of pi R squared type stuff, it ought not to.

It is Friday, and one is prone to binge video viewing, and whilst aware of a considerable todo list, just one more…

The third is a TED talk from 2012: Ellen Jorgensen: Biohacking — you can do it, too.