CreativePact 2014: Inclusive Improv Vimeo Group

CreativePact 4 Aug – 4 Sep, 2014

In short:
share a video each day via (either something found or something new), and blog about it.

After an exchange of messages, few months ago, with someone on vimeo about the inclusive improv group on that site, a new description was added to the group:

Inclusive Improv began around Huddersfield in 2007, organising events of different kinds involving improvisation […]. This Vimeo Group is now open to addition of videos by anyone anywhere as a way to share diverse improv practices…

For CreativePact 2014, I would like to add a video each day to the inclusive improv vimeo group; these might be newly made (perhaps using the inclusive improv archive) or plundered from vimeo, either way I plan to write something about each one at in order to document the process of expanding this open collection of improv videos.

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