CreativePact is the hub of a group of artists, musicians and technologists who enter a pact to create and document some new creative output regularly over the course of a month. Pacts may begin between August-October and run for 30 days.

In years gone by the word regularly would have been daily, but I’m glad, for the greater good, that it has changed – doing and documenting everyday for month is quite a challenge. Yet it is day by day grind that this CreativePacter has committed to.

For me today is day two, and the new creative output of the day is going to be the addition of another, quite arbitrarily selected, video from the vimeo vaults. I fin myself questioning just how ‘creative’ that is, but then that question leads to whatever blah squeltch. Let’s just call this a research phase towards the more obviously newly created creative outputs I that hope to produce later in the month…

Overly detailed explanations of that research process shall be spared. Instead, today (and in no particular order), here is a shortlist videos that I have viewed this evening:

Having decided not to describe the process of deciding, it seems to me now that that process of writing is itself helpful in the ordering of thoughts towards a decision. Second-guessing and attempting to foresee where and to what and perhaps how things could be affected in the future by present choices is going on. Punctuation is needed in the previous group of words.

With only a vague idea of why, those embedded below are added to vimeo.com/groups/inclusiveimprov ← this is an open thing to which anyone can add videos…