uke-yello (October 2013)

after some busy days, it’s time to get back to this CreativePact thing

On the 16th (two days ago) I had a quick look back at some of the ‘improvised’ videos that had been uploaded to (using this search url) and bookmarked some of them. One of those is no longer available; this one is from a 2009 performance and includes a number of edits; and two of the others are constructed as video edits (of improvised dance) arranged to non-improvised music; finally there are three that are of instrumentalists playing on camera (synths, guitar, guitar and bass), and the third of these – because of the inset video layering (see embedded below) – reminded me of a 4-track improvised video piece that I created last year…

At Last – 1963 Gretsch Double Anniversary 6117 archtop guitar – 1978 Fender Jazz Bass Fretless from franco1953meta on Vimeo.

Here’s the thing it reminded me of:

uke-yello from Samuel Freeman on Vimeo.

26 October 2013, Marsh, Huddersfield.

Both to take a break from thesis writing (i.e. procrastinate) and to confront the fact that I have never really got on with the ukulele as an instrument, the video here is an experiment that follows a process that I have employed several times before: using the built-in mic on the laptop overdubs are re recorded (with little or no rehearsal) whilst the previously recorded audio is allow to bleed through to the new recording (headphones are not used).

For this video the QuickTime Player (10.0) software was used, first to record direct from the built-in camera and built-in mic, and then on three more takes to record the desktop (screen-casting) whilst the camera input is visible alongside the previously recorded video.

The audio heard here is a stereo mix that was made by taking the audio out of the four videos that were recorded during the process.

…and then today, after deciding to actually post uke-yello I repeated the recent uploads search and found this:

The Calm Night Air (Ukulele Improvisation) from Stephen Froeber on Vimeo.

This is a Tenor Ukulele Improvisation that I recorded in one take while in South Korea.