Improvising Consciousness

To see what’s new, and possibly on topic, I used again the search URL posted yesterday…

There are 16 more videos atop of the ones found yesterday, here’s a selected few of them – in the sequence that they were viewed – one is added to the inclusive improv group collection.

Seeing the title ‘Improvising Consciousness lecture test’ I quite expected a test recording of an improvised lecture about consciousness, but it is a planned, prepared and edited together delivery of what would seem to be a new series of lectures on the subject:

At first the edits away from the improvised music, in the this next video, were perceived as interrupting, but the context they give to the project is welcome. Work by Hali Santamas was brought to mind by the book of photography accompanied by a CD of music described here:

Both Miklos’ Musical Odyssey from nicky almasy on Vimeo.

The momentum of this film that all music is improvised in it. The musicians didn't discuss anything just sat down and started to play. We were shooting around Yunnan Province, China where Hungarian guitarist Both Miklos was collecting folk melodies from locals. We were going from village to village, town to town with him and a sound engineer. He found this Tibetian singer, Yang Ji Ma, we arranged a session with her and this was the result.

Improvisations électroacoustiques et vocales“:

Lastly,’improvisation # 2′, which I only scanned through:

improvisation # 2 from kimsungik on Vimeo.