Month: September 2014

Live Coding Network

I was at the Live Coding Network Doctoral Consortium on Thursday last week. This document has notes I made afterwards. Here’s a photo of me and sdfsys, as tweeted by @pauwly: Samuel Freeman demos his doctoral sonic livecoding software – fascinating! #livecoding — Pauwly (@pauwly) September 25, 2014

Potteries HackSpace

Photographic evidence of my being at the Potteries HackSpace: I’m working on (fixing and) making some alterations to my Vibrati Punk Console using reclaimed switches and stuff… I had planned to use a reclaimed LED, but found that new ones are so much brighter for the same energy usage!

Live Coding in MaxMSP

Laurence Counihan clicking a heart shaped glyph today triggered a notification to me that brought one of my video recordings form 2010 to my attention… I couldn’t remember what happens in ‘live code Max MSP 20100220‘, so I watched it again. live code Max MSP 20100220 from Samuel Freeman on Vimeo. I saw that Counihan…


an impromptu neighborly jam in the street; a soloist with circles and circles and lines; a duo in front of a green screen soon after first meeting; the documented cacophony of a shared space and time; edited improvisations on an EMS VCS 3 synthesizer; improvithing: improvised things and improvising (a newly created collection on vimeo)

77 of 250

77 of 250 videos that were found by searching vimeo for ‘improvised’: 아침 하늘 (가야금 즉흥) Morning Sky (Gayageum Improvisation) by Stephen Froeber 16bar Blues improvisation w/play-along track 2014 Improvisation Summit of Portland Sandbox Studio. Alain’s Guitars – Impro #6- Le Cool Alain’s Guitars – Impro #7- Aboki Am Em G ANNE (Guitar and Vocal…

continued, complete, and to be continued

Continuing, and completing, looking back at the collection of ‘improvised’ video offerings that have accumulated on vimeo in the past few weeks (not including the past few days – I’ll have to get to that tomorrow!), and contemplating possible destinations for this research… This CreativePact would have ended today-ish, but because I did not get…

a process

never mind why, here’s what:   each page shows ten links to videos as image and title pairs, they don’t all fit on screen so one must scroll down to see them all;   whilst scrolling, some of the linked video pages are clicked in such a way that they load in new tabs;  …

Return of the Pact

September is here – it’s the traditional month for CreativePact – and in the two weeks or so since I last posted there have been about 250 videos uploaded to vimeo that are returned by a search for ‘improvised’, sorted by date. On the CreativePact side of things, it’s clear that I’m just not focussed…